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EDxx series drivers are for IGBT modules with EconoDUALTM and EconoPACKTM package. It can support six 1700V/600A modules paralleling at the maximum frequency of kHz. Reduction of IGBT's turn-off peak voltage and expansion of modules'operating boundary can both be achieved by optimizing driver setup. It also integratesTaults Management System"to enable real-time status communication with host computer, contributing to achieve the on-site 'Big Data' management.
Product profile

IGBT Modules

Infineon: FF450R12ME4、FF600R12ME4、FF450R17ME4、 FF600R17ME4


All NTC temperatures monitored and compared for more reliable system operation

+15V/+24V Compatible

Fault communication, ‘Big Data’ manage the on-site converters

Overview of key data
Parameter Min Typ. Max Unit
GE dismatch 5 ns
VIN 15/24 V
DC/DC Power(per channel) 8 W
VOUT +15/-15 A
Clearance 9 mm
Creepage 10.5 mm
Insulation test voltage 5 kVRMS
Operating temperature -40 +85
System frame diagram
Reference selection
Part number NO. of paralleling Interface type 24V power supply Immortal Gate Drivers NTC Active clamping
ED64-3[1] Integrated 64 3 Fiber/ Ele. Protection 20x10
ED64-4[1] Integrated 64 4 Fiber/ Ele. Protection 26x10
ED110-4-E[1] Integrated 110 4 Ele. Protection/TNTCMAX sensing 40x10
4FSC08110-E-05N[1] Wires Any 4 Ele. Protection/TNTCMAX sensing 16x15
4FSC08110-E-07K Wires Any 4 Ele. Protection 20x9.4
6FSC08110-29C Wires Any 6 Fiber/ Ele. Protection/TNTCMAX sensing 25x9
FSC-10H-A-V[1] Wires Any 6 Ele. Protection/TNTCMAX sensing 23x9.4
6FSC08110-6T[1] Wires Any 6 Fiber/ Ele. Protection 19.5x10